Brown gravy

Brown gravy

This Brown Gravy Recipe uses beef broth and seasonings, no drippings required! Have a tasty, creamy brown gravy with this gravy recipe in just minutes!

We pour this brown gravy on so numerous factors like our Favored MEATLOAF RECIPE! Mashed potatoes, obviously. You can also use brown gravy as a dipping sauce for french fries, or pour it over creamy mashed potatoes!

But if you do have drippings…you can certainly use them. Don’t allow them go to waste!

All you require to do is substitute the amount of drippings you have for the beef broth. For instance, if you have a cup of drippings then just use 2 cups of beef broth, and so on.

What Can You Add To This Brown Gravy Recipe?

This effortless brown gravy recipe is a simple recipe that you can have ready in minutes. If you have a minor much more time or really feel like kicking up the flavor a small, here are a handful of issues you can add:

Cooked onions and garlic in olive oil

Fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme or parsley

Beef drippings, skimmed of fat, if you have them

A splash of heavy cream

All of these ingredients will make this brown gravy recipe even more flavorful, but use no matter what you have on hand!

What Can You Use This Brown Gravy For?

We use this brown gravy on so many items like meatloaf, sizzling turkey sandwiches (a preferred of mine!) or piled on french fries with mozzarella cheese.

Those are named Disco Fries in situation you’re not from Jersey…and they are a late evening comfort foods must.

Also try employing this gravy in location of any jarred or packaged gravy in recipes like our Ground Beef Tater Tot Casserole.

Simply because you may well not have a jar of packaged gravy but you probably have beef broth laying around.

Also you may possibly be cooking a turkey breast or a chicken tonight? This brown gravy recipe goes completely with either of people, don’t worry about the fact that it has beef broth in it.

BUT you can also use this identical gravy recipe and switch the beef broth out for chicken broth and make a poultry gravy. Like this Cranberry Whiskey Gravy, we make that a single ALL the time.

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